Urban Suburban – Meet the Glessons (Gossfields)

The Gossfields break the lid of secrecy and keeps it real about their past relationship trials and challenges and how they worked through them to stay together on Pg 38. More »

Long Distance Dead End?

Q: When is it time to say so long to a long term-long distance relationship? Hey Girlfriend: When a long distance relationship shows no promise or commitment to bridge the physical divide, it’s More »

How Do We Sustain Gay Relationships?

DEAR Q&D How Do We Sustain Gay Relationships? Q: First and foremost, I believe that we, as Gay individuals, haven’t had the time to nurture our relationships the way straights have.  We haven’t More »

Are Gays Less Committed?

DEAR Q&D Are Gays Less Committed? Q: Due to the intolerance of homosexuality in our society, LGBT individuals have not been able to live openly and form relationships in the past.  LGBT couples More »

Is Conflict Inevitable?

DEAR Q&D Is conflict inevitable? Q: Opposition working together creates forward motion. It’s a law of nature, Yin and Yang in equal balance creates harmony.  It’s the imbalance of opposing forces that causes More »


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Circa 2007, A special Valentines Day episode, Quincy LeNear and Deondray Gossett discusses the process of falling in love. A personal, candid, and comedic approach to forming and maintaining relationships from an

Christopher Ryan: Are we designed to be sexual omnivores?

An idea permeates our modern view of relationships: that men and women have always paired off in sexually exclusive relationships. But before the dawn of agriculture, humans may actually have been quite

Grammy Wedding & DL Chronicles – Boys In Tech

Married at GRAMMY Awards

Black gay couples get married at the GRAMMY’s. An exclusive interview with The DL Chronicles producers who got married in front of 28 million television viewers at the GRAMMY Awards. Queen Latifah,

Bedside Manor

A web comedy series about relationships and the things that happen… in bed. Coming Summer 2014! Starring Lynn Wactor and Jason E. Kelley! Directed by Quincy LeNear & Deondray Gossett

Flaws and All

Circa 2007, Quincy LeNear and Deondray Gossett discusses irks and quirks: the little things we make big and the big ones we make small. A personal, candid, and comedic approach to relationship

Tell Me Something Good!

Hey all you Love Birds, To get your Fridays moving, here’s another Friday Flashback episode of the Outside of Relationships! All about the Pillow Talk

Went from cheap wine to fine spirits. #blacklove… via @thegossfields