What People Are Saying About the Gossfields…


“Quincy and Deondray Gossfield are dynamic, engaging speakers. The Gossfields are very knowledgeable and insightful about sexuality and relationship issues.  The Gossfields screened their award winning film, “The DL Chronicles” in one of my Human Sexuality courses last year,  and facilitated a very thought provoking discussion about the DL phenomenon, the coming out process and other issues related to working with LGBTQ populations. Students were engrossed in the discussion, as the Gossfields shared their own coming out stories and the joys of being in an 18 year relationship.  They are fantastic speakers!!  I cannot say enough wonderful things about them!!”

- Gregory Canillas, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology (PsyD) Program
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Los Angeles Campus)
& Co-Chair, Commission for Youth & Children,  Long Beach, California

“I first met Quincy and Deondray back in November 2005 at the OutFest Fusion Film Festival, immediately following the premier screening of their film The DL Chronicles. That night I wore my “sociologist hat,” and, that time of the DL was on the forefront of popular culture, J.L. King’s book “On the Down Low” was out, Oprah had talked about the topic on her show . . . I think you get the idea. T he idea was in a full “hype swing” and ripe for the capitalist exploitation.

The DL Chronicles was a well-made, seemingly genuine and moving film, yet I still questioned Q & D’s authenticity and motivation for producing this film – were they just capitalizing off this very stigmatizing and demonizing subject matter, or were they sharing a story to garner greater understanding? I approached them and challenged them to demonstrate the film’s “educational value” and social consciousness-evoking meaning and offered to allow them to do a screening in my sociology classroom at LA Southwest College. The class was 95% African American, 75% african American women, many of whom were single, already suspicious about men because of the media’s exhaustive coverage of the “DL ‘phenomenon’” – I could not have created a more potent litmus test. They agreed. They came. The film was screened and, without an expectation of how it would be received, I openly sat and watched a very touching and beautiful transformation of perspective occur in my students as a result. Q & D openly and honestly served as a two man “panel” during a Q & A that followed the film. I was full convinced not only that their intentions were pure, but that the means of which they were communicating this message of understanding, was more powerful than any textbook available. Nearly niner years late, I still consider us friends and have maintained regular communication – both online and in person – over this time period.

I am fully supportive of the potential that these two men have in genuinely reaching others and helping them navigate the very complexities of relationships that challenge us all – regardless of race, age or sexual orientation, by sharing their own experiences in their marathon (lol) 18-year relationship. Furthermore, I believe that by opening up their very normal, very “regular” relationship to a public audience, they will be able to implicitly destigmatize the mythologies surrounding same sex partnerships and “bridge the gap” between gay and straight couples’ experiences – hopefully providing generalized advice to gay and straight couples alike, thereby challenging the notion that there are two “worlds” out there experiencing love in two different ways – straight love and gay love.  Ultimately there is only ONE LOVE, and we all want it – how more universal can something be?”

- Prof. Akello Stone, M.D. Sociology 


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